Healing Family Foundation – Tate & Lyle CSR

For this project we joined forces with one of our contributing partners – Tabtourasia – to provide a Corporate Social Responsibility program for Tate & Lyle, a British-based multinational agribusiness.

The participants from Tate & Lyle were required to complete a series of challenges and gather the required materials for the project. Once these activities were completed, all the teams raced to essemble the wheelchairs that were then donated to some of the members of the Healing Family Foundation in Chiang Mai. In all, 11 wheelchairs where donated from this project.

The benificiary of this project was the Healing Family Foundation Chiang Mai, an organizition dedicated to helping people with disabilities enjoy life. This is achieved partly through learning new skills in a variety of arts and crafts and using these skills to produce and sell hand made art and craft products. In this way, members of the Healing Family Foundation are able to experience the rewards of being valuable members of society and in many cases become completely self relient, thus adding to the enjoyment of life.


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