Flying Wheelchair First Meeting

The Helping Hands foundation and the Society for Isaan People in Chiang Mai combine to share and discuss the future for the Flying Wheelchair initiative.

Khun Tra JompairinThe Agenda consisted of introducing Khun Tra Jompairin, who has been left disabled after having a stroke while working as a street sweeper for the municipality, and Khun Darika jullasin, who has also been rendered unable to walk, or work in any capacity.

During the meeting, Khun Tra Jompairin was presented with a wheelchair donated and brought over by the Nihon Shakai Fukushi Kousaikai Foundation.

Khun Darika jullasinIn addition to this, the members raised over 3,000 baht for Khun Tra and Khun Darika to help with their personal expenses.

A request has been made for donations of goods or finance to further distribute to those in need in future. People are also needed to help with transporting said goods while traveling between Thailand and other nations.

In the near future, if Helping Hands is contacted in advanced, official documentation can be provided to enable the import of goods without having to pay tax or duty.

The Nihon Shakai Fukushi Kousaikai Foundation has also mentioned the possibility of sending Japanese representatives to Thailand to train in the maintenance of wheelchairs, with the possibility of those who are skilled and interested in continuing in this venture for further training in Japan.

Those who wish to be involved in this project or other, or who can help with goods or finance can contact Helping Hands here.

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